Quad Micro Ramset Trip Alarm

Quad Micro Ramset Trip Alarm

The Newest Product from Trip Alarm Co. introducing the QUAD Micro Trip Alarm… Using the same advancement as our 3.0 – 12 Gauge Alarms – The Quad Micro Alarms brings 360 Perimeter Protection with 22 Ramset Blanks!



Brand new product!

The same great micro alarm but now with The QUAD plate for 360° protection!

Perfect for those who do not care to use their alarms for shooting flares or pepper gas or any type of 12 Ga shell and want something small and easy to carry. Don’t let the size scare you away! These are super loud when used with .22 Ramset Blanks  and super easy to use. Made completely of rustproof high-quality materials and built to last many uses. Only 4-1/4″ long X 9/16″ in circumference and weighs only 32 grams!

.22 Ramset blanks NOT included and can be purchased at any hardware store Home Depot, Lowes, Etc.

***Use only level 1-4 Blanks***


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