TRIP ALARM CO mini 209 signal cannon

TRIP ALARM CO mini 209 signal cannon




This is the best thing since sliced bread. These are designed and styled completely by us. No one else offers this cannon and we are exclusive to this 209 Primer signal cannon which offers optional three barrel sizes. NOTHING like it on the market now or ever before. We offer these in an array of color schemes. Chose Between Red, Electric blue, Black and gun metal. Then you can chose your barrel color to go with your carriage between Flat black or silver “as pictured”. Cannon comes with our standard .22 barrel but you can buy the optional barrels in .17 cal and .31 Cal. We also sell all the lead for all the cal barrels we offer. The lead will fit perfect in the barrel. All canons come with Ram rod, Carriage and .22 barrel, .17 and .31 barrels are optional. See video of this little cannon working. VERY loud cannons and very easy to load. No need for cannon fuse. Just go out and buy a pack of 209 shotgun primers sold at every gun store or sporting goods place that sells ammo. These normally sell for $4.99 for 100 pcs. So with these cannons you get a lot of shots for a very little price. These will also shoot! But shoot at your own risk and ONLY under adult supervision. THESE ARE NOT TOYS! Can be deadly in the wrong hands. You can purchase the lead and extra barrels if you wish “links below”

*** We recommend using Winchester Triple Seven primers unless you have a lvl 2 spring. using a more powerful primer with the original spring may cause the firing pin to jam***


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